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Our home

We chose natural, organic materials when we built our home and the apartments for our guests.

The entire building was built with vertical and horizontal bearing structures made from solid wood cut in our woods. Our ceilings, floors, beams, wall facing, stairways, doors and windows are all made of this marvelous material. We used “wood wool” – paper/cellulose and wood chip tufting – to insulate our outer walls, floors and roofing.

This natural material provides the best protection possible against sudden changes in temperature in both summer and winter without needless waste of energy.

Our automatic heating system runs on wood chips recycled from the local timber industry that fells trees nearby for an unbroken ecological chain!

Our indoor walls are made of wood and clay brick partially faced with clay plaster, and are painted with natural pigments.

Farm Stifterhof in the winter Playground of the farm Stifterhof Farm Stifterhof in the summer

Panoramic view Stifterhof:


„Our philosophy is the health and care of the environment!“ Our farm has been run under the strict BIKO Tirol regulations for organic farming since 2007.

Stifterhof Farm has 10 hectares of grassland and 10 hectares of woods and stands at a height of 1150 m.a.s.l. in a quiet spot in the alpine meadows. Our barn is built in wood because the characteristics of this warm material ensure the best environment for our livestock. We raise primarily cows and their calves that live willingly in our stalls and fencing during the winter and graze feely over our the pastures around the farm in the summer. Our calves always stay with their mothers and suckle until 10 months of age until their veal is ideal for sale under the South Tyrol Bio-Beef brand as organically raised meat of the highest quality.

We grow most of the feed we give to our animals on our own land and purchase the rest from certified organic farming companies.

We keep an average 8 cows and their calves. A changing roster of other animals also lives with us: rabbits, hens, cats, sheep, pigs and turkeys.

Work on the fields Our cows Calfs from the Stifterhof

Goats from the Stifterhof Hens from the farm Stifterhof Bunny of the farm Stifterhof

Potato harvest Sheeps from the Stifterhof Our goats